Volunteer Highlight: Rachel Swaney

Meet one of our superhero volunteers: Rachel Swaney!

We’re so glad Rachel has found her volunteer niche! She hasn’t been with us long, but she is so conscientious when clients with big families go through, she puts in extra travel size toothpaste, toilet paper, and conditioner when we have it. Our new volunteer slogan is “Give it to Rachel!”

Here’s Rachel Swaney in her own words:

“The Necessity Pantry is a ministry of St. Michael’s I have held close to my heart since its conception. The idea of life without toilet paper is just unacceptable. I had told myself for years that I would work the Pantry when I retired. I have now joined the group that has ministered to people in the community for years.

I get much out of working the Pantry, without interacting with the clientele. As an introvert, that is a benefit for them as much as it is for me. But by being part of a group, I can’t stay a hermit, and that’s good for me as well. I’m also sharing in a ministry that was important to my husband, Jim, and also to my father.”

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